History of the Tapas

Do you know how Tapas first came about? Around A.C 1200 when travelers transiting Spain were used to the country’s arid and dusty roads stopping for liquid refreshments at local inns serving wine and food. In these dusty conditions, clever bartenders would use a slice of bread as a lid, or a “tapa”, to prevent any dust getting into the wine. From then on, other bartenders got in on the act piling ham and anchovies on top of bread, so travelers would get thirstier and buy more wine, giving rise to Spain’s famous Tapas!

History of Gin and Tonic

A gin & tonic, please! British soldiers stationed in India during the Raj (1858-1947), were forced to take a daily dose of quinine to protect against malaria. To soften the extremely bitter taste of the medicine a soldier came up the idea of mixing it with the daily ration of gin that, given to the troops at that time – giving rise to the famous Gin & Tonic!

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